Buddhism sculpture includes all kinds of sculpture that are related to Buddhism, such as Buddha which is the object of worship, Bosal(Saints of Buddhism), Myeongwang(Guardian of Buddhism), Cheonbu(God), and Nahan(Saints).

Buddhism sculptures found their beginning from making figurative sculptures of Buddha in India. In the Hinayana Buddhism, sculptures were only limited to the sculptures of Buddha.
However, in the era of Mahayana Buddhism, many of buddhist sculpture were made, for example Amitabul, Mireukbul, Yaksabul, Daeilyeorae, Birojanabul, Gwaneum-bosal, and Daejeji-bosal.

With spreading of Esoteric Buddhism, the sculptures of Myeongwang and Cheonbu were added. Buddhism sculptures of Seonam-sa are very various collecting Yeorae, Bosal, Dokseong, Dongja, and other about 130 sculptures.

Among the sculptures, best sculptures representing certain eras are: Buddha of an iron sculpture, that are only left 40 in Korea, Biro-am Wooden Birojana-bulsang found with clothing relics that are precious data to study about styles of Buddhism sculpture and clothing styles in 18th century, and Wontongjeon Wooden Yongdu that has sculptures of Dongja and Dongnyeo(Buddhism girl) by making a square area under Yongdu(a head of a dragon).

Now, Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum displays best 36 sculptures among them, which were kept in main building and branch temples.