Ritual tools are for the worship of Buddhism.
They can be classified as self-ritual tools and other ritual tools.
Gasa(clothing), Jangsam(outer clothing), Balwoo
(personal dishes), and Seokjang(staff) are self-ritual tools which is needed for training.
Other tools are tools used for Siryeon rite and Gongyang.

Tools for Siryeon rite are palanquins which are for Buddha and Bosal, trumpets, and other flags.
Gongyang tools are dishes used in a rite for Buddha and Bosal, musical instruments for Buddhism, dancing clothings, and cases for papers of celebrations and wishes.

In Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum, many kinds of tools are displayed, including the copper bell of Sunchi 14 years which represents late Joseon Dynasty and Gasa of Daedak-guksa(Important Folk Data No. 244) which is believed so from old times and other about 140 tools.