Roofing tiles were made from clay in the mold called Mogol or Wabeop, by baking them in a kiln.
Tiles were used to block rain and snow, to let waters flow on the ground preventing erosion of the building, and to decorate the building. Using roofing tiles on a wooden building was a tradition in the traditional Asia.

Kinds of roofing tiles were various according to the location of using, but the basic kinds were Su-kiwa(male tile), Am-kiwa(female tile), Mangwa which decorated ridges, Am-makse(female block), and Su-makse(male block).

In Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum, Mangwa used in the second year of Geonryung and other 46 pieces in 17 kinds of tiles are in possession. Parts of them are very precious tiles having records on them, for studying of history of Seonam-sa.