Welcome to the homepage of Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum and thank you for your visiting.

After the foundation by Ado-Hwasang in Shilla Age, Seonam-sa has been a Buddhism temple with a history of about 1500 years and a living history of Korean Buddhism producing distinguished monks such as Doseon-guksa, Daegak-guksa,
Chimgwenghyunbyeon-seonsa, and others.

Also, Seonam-sa is the temple that the original architecture and landscape have been kept well among the Great Temples. Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum is built to keep relics safely and effectively away from robberies and damages and to introduce right understanding on Buddhism culture to the public through systematic researching.

After the first opening of the museum on March 23 in 2001, the museum began many projects. As one of the big projects, we published the listing of relics to unveil superior relics that have not been opened to the public.

In 2004, we also published the researching report on letters of records left on metals and rocks in Seonam-sa in the cooperation with the Society for Southern Buddhism Culture Researching. With many projects in the future, we promise to provide rich information on superior relics in Seonam-sa and Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum and new researching.

While looking for a way to introduce fine relics in Seonam-sa to the public, we are happy to make the homepage of Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum. Through the homepage, we will make an effort to introduce the superiority and importance of Buddhism cultural relics.

Please be concerned about Seonam-sa Sungbo Museum, and may the mercy of Buddha bring you happiness.